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      The steel bar processing shed is a site for straightening, bending, welding and other steel bar processing operations on the construction site, and is an important component of standardized construction on the construction site. The steel processing shed is not only an important guarantee for safe construction, but also the cornerstone for protecting the safety of construction personnel on the construction site.


      The steel bar processing shed generally needs to install steel bar welding machines, cutting machines, bending machines, straightening machines, etc. according to the construction plan Determine the size based on the quantity of equipment and processing line conditions; Generally, there are several dimensions such as length and width of 6 * 9m, 6 * 12m, and 9 * 12m, with heights ranging from 3.6-4m.


      You can also design the length and width dimensions of the steel processing shed according to the actual situation.



      The styles can be divided into:


      Characteristics of standardized steel bar processing shed:

      1. 構件組裝而成,采用封閉式防護,防護性能高,雙層防護,有效緩沖高空墜物的沖擊力;

      1. Assembled from components, using enclosed protection, with high safety protection performance, double-layer protection, effectively buffering the impact force of high-altitude falling objects;

      2. 采用國標鋼材制作,堅固牢靠、經久耐用;

      2. Made of national standard steel, sturdy, reliable, and durable;

      3. 全自動高溫烤漆,顏色鮮艷,不易褪色;

      3. Fully automatic high-temperature baking paint, with bright colors and not easy to fade;

      4. 拼裝式,快速組裝,拆卸簡單,方便運輸;

      4. Assembly type, quick assembly, simple disassembly, and convenient transportation;

      5. 款式、顏色、尺寸可根據客戶要求定制;

      5. The style, color, and size can be customized according to customer requirements;

      6.  地面需要硬化,立柱基礎澆筑700*700*700mm混凝土,預埋300*300*12mm;

      6. The ground needs to be hardened, and the column foundation should be poured with 700 * 700 * 700mm concrete and embedded with 300 * 300 * 12mm;

      7. 各種型材及配件規格可按工地所在地的安防標準定制。

      7. Various profiles and accessory specifications can be customized according to the security standards of the construction site.


      Standard for steel bar processing shed:

      1. 一般情況下,鋼筋加工棚都在塔吊的吊運范圍內的,否則鋼筋吊動不方便??;

      In general, the steel bar processing shed is within the lifting range of the tower crane, otherwise it is inconvenient to lift the steel bars;

      2. 防護棚的頂有二層的,上面的隔層上鋪木板,下面一層鋪二層竹芭片子/樓層板/彩鋼板等。二層之間間距500 mm。頂面有500高度的圍護。以雙鋼管為立柱搭設的;

      2. The top of the protective shed has two layers, with wooden boards on the upper partition and two layers of bamboo sheets/floor boards/color steel plates on the lower layer. The spacing between the second floor is 500 mm. There is a 500 height enclosure on the top surface. Erected with double steel pipes as columns;

      3. 內部有滅火器、鋼筋加工設備、有照明系統;

      3. There are fire extinguishers, steel processing equipment, and lighting systems inside;

      4. 門口有銘牌、機械旁邊有操作規程、注意事項。

      4. There is a nameplate at the entrance, and there are operating procedures and precautions next to the machinery.


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