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      Construction fencing has become a construction standard for improving housing, municipal, and rail transit construction projects. Construction fencing requires refinement, standardization, and improvement of urban image. In real life, we often see six different types and techniques of construction fences.

      1. 沖孔防風圍擋

      1. Punched windproof fence


      This is a common type of fence, also very common. This type of fence is called porous punched fence, which is widely used in construction sites, factories, industrial land, housing construction, residential communities, government schools, administrative road construction, airports, and so on.

      2. 人力施工圍擋

      2. Manpower construction fence



      The enclosure structure is mainly spliced, which is beneficial for manufacturers to transport, dismantle, and install. It is mainly suitable for use in construction sites such as subway engineering, road and bridge maintenance, real estate engineering, municipal construction, and tunnel construction.

      3. 立體圍擋

      3. Three dimensional fence


      This type of fence uses three-dimensional components (such as sculptures) instead of flat surfaces, which has a unique display effect and is also relatively expensive. It is suitable for high-end construction and places that strongly require aesthetics.

      4. 綠植式圍擋

      4. Green plant type fence


      This type of fence, also known as small grass fence, is mainly composed of a combination of iron sheet fence and green potted plants. It is a relatively new type of fence, and because of its good simulation effect, it is expensive. After construction is completed, the green plant fence can be removed, cleaned, and reused, making it a very environmentally friendly new type of fence.

      5. 創意主題圍擋

      5. Creative theme fence


      This type of fence is generally used in projects with high value throughout the year, mostly using a combination of simulated green plants and anti-corrosion wood. This type of fence is set up in important areas for viewing the building's movement, and some advertising texts are interspersed to create a comfortable viewing experience for users, in line with the tone of the project.

      6. 異形造型圍擋

      6. Irregular shaped fence


      The use of this type of fence has a high artistic value. Users can add special shaped images or logos to important display areas based on project tone, promotion theme, experience strategy, and value situation, etc., to strengthen customer memory of the project