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      When working on edge guardrails, it is important to prioritize safety. Safety is paramount. Despite the country's repeated emphasis on safe operations, many enterprises still violate regulations and fail to follow national policies, resulting in frequent safety production issues and causing significant losses to the country and society. Therefore, the country has issued construction standards for edge opening operations to regulate the safe operation and construction of construction sites, which is a new basic regulation in 2016 following the 91 year standard.

      1 建筑施工中凡涉及臨邊與洞口作業、攀登與懸空作業、操作平臺、交叉作業及網搭設的,應在施工組織設計或施工方案中制定高處作業技術措施。

      For construction involving edge and hole operations, climbing and suspended operations, operating platforms, cross operations, and safety net installation, safety technical measures for high-altitude operations should be formulated in the construction organization design or construction plan.

      2 高處作業施工前,應按類別對防護設施進行檢查、驗收,驗收合格后方可進行作業,并應做驗收記錄。驗收可分層或分階段進行。


      Before carrying out high-altitude operations, safety protection facilities should be inspected and accepted according to their categories. Only after passing the acceptance can operations be carried out, and acceptance records should be kept. Acceptance can be carried out in layers or stages.

      3 高處作業施工前,應對作業人員進行技術交底,并應記錄。應對初次作業人員進行培訓。

      Before carrying out high-altitude operations, safety technical briefing should be conducted to the workers and recorded. Training should be provided to first-time workers.

      4 應根據要求將各類警示標志懸掛于施工現場各相應部位,夜間應設紅燈警示。高處作業施工前,應檢查高處作業的標志、工具、儀表、電氣設施和設備,確認其完好后,方可進行施工。

      4. Various safety warning signs should be hung at the corresponding parts of the construction site according to requirements, and red lights should be set up for warning at night. Before carrying out high-altitude operations, safety signs, tools, instruments, electrical facilities, and equipment for high-altitude operations should be checked and confirmed to be in good condition before construction can proceed.

      5 高處作業人員應根據作業的實際情況配備相應的高處作業防護用品,并應按規定正確佩戴和使用相應的防護用品、用具。

      5. High altitude workers should be equipped with corresponding safety protection equipment according to the actual situation of the work, and should correctly wear and use the corresponding safety protection equipment and tools according to regulations.

      6 對施工作業現場可能墜落的物料,應及時拆除或采取固定措施。高處作業所用的物料應堆放平穩,不得妨礙通行和裝卸。工具應隨手放入工具袋;作業中的走道、通道板和登高用具,應隨時清理干凈;拆卸下的物料及余料和廢料應及時清理運走,不得隨意放置或向下丟棄。傳遞物料時不得拋擲。

      6 pairs of materials that may fall on the construction site should be promptly removed or fixed measures taken. The materials used for high-altitude operations should be stacked steadily and not obstruct passage and loading and unloading. Tools should be easily placed in a tool bag; The walkways, walkways, and high-altitude equipment used in homework should be cleaned at all times; The dismantled materials, surplus materials, and waste materials should be cleaned and transported away in a timely manner, and should not be arbitrarily placed or discarded downwards. Do not throw materials during transfer.

      7 高處作業應按現行標準《建設工程施工現場消防技術規范》GB 50720的規定,采取防火措施。

      7. Fire prevention measures should be taken for high-altitude operations in accordance with the current national standard GB 50720 Technical Code for Fire Safety at Construction Sites.

      8 在雨、霜、霧、雪等天氣進行高處作業時,應采取防滑、防凍和防雷措施,并應及時作業面上的水、冰、雪、霜。當遇有6級及以上強風、濃霧、沙塵暴等惡劣氣候,不得進行露天攀登與懸空高處作業。雨雪天氣后,應對高處作業設施進行檢查,當發現有松動、變形、損壞或脫落等現象時,應立即修理完善,維修合格后方可使用。

      When working at heights in rainy, frosty, foggy, snowy or other weather conditions, anti slip, anti freezing, and lightning protection measures should be taken, and water, ice, snow, and frost should be promptly removed from the work surface. When encountering severe weather conditions such as strong winds of level 6 or above, dense fog, and sandstorms, outdoor climbing and suspended high-altitude operations are not allowed. After rainy and snowy weather, safety facilities for high-altitude operations should be inspected. If any looseness, deformation, damage or detachment are found, they should be repaired and improved immediately. Only after passing the repair can they be used.

      9 對需臨時拆除或變動的防護設施,應采取可靠措施,作業后應立即恢復。

      Reliable measures should be taken for safety protection facilities that need to be temporarily dismantled or changed, and they should be restored immediately after operation.


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